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  • What is the shipping time for Memorialight?
    Each Memorialight ships via USPS Ground Advantage (3-5 day delivery). Orders received by 2pm EST are almost always fulfilled same-day. You will receive shipping notification when your order is fulfilled that includes your tracking information.
  • How do I install Memorialight?
    We recommend three options for hanging: 1. We've included a drywall hanger that simply hammers into your wall on top of whichever direct sunlight window you choose. Hang the included chain directly on hanger. (hammer not included) 2. The second recommended option is taking the small nail out of the drywall hanger and hammering it into the top of your window trim while leaving 1/2" exposed. Hang the included chain directly on the exposed nail. (hammer not included) 3. Attach the hook of the included chain straight to a curtain ring on your curtain rod. Pro tip: with this method, you can slide your Memorialight for maximum rainbow time throughout the day.
  • I want to buy one for everyone in my family. Is there a price break for multiple orders?
    Yes! Memorialight originated from the idea that everyone in our family would be thinking of our loved one at least once a day. If you choose to purchase three (3) or more, use code "GIFT3" to save 15% off your order. If you choose to purchase six (6) or more, use code "GIFT6" to save 30% off your order.
  • Does Memorialight require batteries?
    No. Memorialight illuminates by direct sunlight. It only requires a window that recieves direct sunlight - never batteries or a power source.
  • What if my Memorialight isn't lighting up?
    First, make sure you're hanging it in a direct sunlight window and that you're nearby when the sun is shining on it. South facing should shine most of the day. Eastern facing windows will illuminate in the morning and western in the afternoon. Placing your Memorialight in the middle of the direct sunlit window works best, but make sure to find your ideal "rainbow time" before installing.
  • Can you personalize Memorialight?
    We personalize Memorialight with an elegant cardstock card at the top of the shipping box so it looks like it's straight from you. We are happy to accommodate messages up to 250 characters by choosing the "add a custom card" option in your order.
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